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FAB Quest Medallion Hunt 2020

Attention all FAB Quest Seekers! 
  • Starting on Saturday, August 15th, we will be posting a task surrounding the Pepper Fest Medallion Hunt for the next 4 days. 
  • Tasks will be posted on this page, along with a printable version, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • On Thursday, August 20th, by 12:00 am, please submit ALL your findings to and you will be entered into a drawing.
  • We will choose 5 random winners who completed all tasks successfully to win $200 each(1)*. 
When submitting your tasks, please provide the following:
  1. First and last name
  2. Address
  3. Phone number
Winners will be announced Sunday, August 23rd. 
WAIT - there's more! We will be having a coloring contest for kids ages 12 and under. 
  • A parent or guardian of 18 years or older, will be required to submit the child's final coloring page to where we will randomly choose 5 kids to win $5 each (2)*. 
  • This event is in place of the Mini Medallion Sawdust Hunt. Coloring pages will be posted on this page for you to print or you can pick them up at our bank drive-up during business hours. 


We will will be posting further instructions the week of August 10th.  The start of the Medallion Hunt tasks and the coloring pages will be posted on Saturday August 15th. 


(1)One winner per household.

(2)Only one coloring page submitted per child.

* Please understand by submitting your findings that you are giving First American Bank and North Hudson Pepper Fest authorization to post/share your name and submission pictures on social media and our websites.

FAB Quest Medallion Hunt 2020 Update (6/12/2020)

FAB Quest Medallion Hunters –

After some back and forth, the decision has been made to cancel the 2020 FAB Quest Medallion Hunt that takes place during North Hudson Pepper Fest.  There are many moving parts involved in planning the FAB Quest Medallion Hunt and unfortunately, this year COVID-19 makes up some of those parts.  We are in agreement with the North Hudson Pepper Fest Board of Directors regarding the risks and uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and we will be taking the necessary steps to keep our community safe and healthy. 

But turn that frown upside down because the HEAT IS STILL ON!  Although the physical hunt will be cancelled, we have transformed the “Medallion Hunt” so you can do it from your own home, yard, or wherever you feel comfortable!  This hunt allows your whole family to participate and get into the Pepper Fest spirit.  We are very excited and can’t wait to share all the fun details regarding this new Hunt.

This is not the news we had hoped to share, but we know you will have fun participating in our new transformed “Medallion Hunt” this year.     

~First American Bank

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We will be posting bank updates here regarding COVID-19.  Please contact us at our main number 715.381.8330 or toll free at 877.537.0531 with questions or concerns. 
  • First American Bank's lobby will be closed effective March 18, 2020 until further notice. 
  • Our drive up and night drop will remain open, and we remain fully staffed so we can assist you with banking needs via e-mail or phone.   
  • For more information on our banking tips listed below, check out our Home page or Helpful Information page.
  • Loan information for Small Businesses >> Click here.
  • Click here << for a printout of the letter below.
  • For more information on COVID-19, please visit:

First American Bank Merger |Questions & Answers

First American Bank And Hiawatha National Bank will combine their systems on August 24, 2020. As you may know First American Bank was acquired by Hiawatha National Bank's holding company on Monday, October 28, 2019.  Until now, you have seen very few changes - the building, staff, products and services have largely remained the same.  Because of our similar philosophies and our mutual focus on client service, you will notice that following the conversion of systems, your products and services will remain largely unchanged. The most notable change will be with Internet Banking and Bill Pay.  
All of the employees at First American Bank and Hiawatha National Bank are working hard to assure a smooth transition and while we have tried to anticipate and answer questions you may have, we understand there may be concerns that have not been addressed.  For more information, please call First American Bank at (715) 381-8330 or Hiawatha National Bank at (715) 377-9919.
Q. Why is First American Bank being sold?
First American Bank has been sold to Lake Shore III Corporation (owner of Hiawatha National Bank) to create a larger, stronger bank with a broader range of services for our customers.  This sale allows us to be more efficient and will allow us to provide more convenient, enhancing products and services to all of our customers.  Above all, we will remain a community bank with the same focus on customer service as before.  
Q. Who is Lake Shore III Corporation?
Lake Shore III owns Union Bank of Blair (UBB), headquartered in Blair, Wisconsin and Hiawatha National Bank headquartered in Hager City, Wisconsin. Hiawatha National Bank has branches in the Wisconsin towns of Osceola, Glenwood City, Maiden Rock and Hudson, and will soon have another branch in Sheboygan, WI. Additionally, UBB is opening an office in Whitehall, WI.
Q. Who is Hiawatha National Bank?
Hiawatha National Bank is a community bank just like First American Bank. It is a small business oriented organization and prides itself on its lending expertise. Hiawatha National Bank and First American Bank maintain similar core values of integrity, relationship banking, local knowledge and added value service. 
You can learn more about Hiawatha National Bank at:
Q. Will First American Bank's name change?
Ultimately, First American Bank will become Hiawatha National Bank but that will not happen for some time.
Q. How will the sale impact me? 
There will be no immediate effects for any of our customers. You may continue to conduct your banking as you have in the past.  First American Bank and Hiawatha National Bank will work together to make the transition as smooth as possible for all of our customers. As always, you will receive the best service possible. Additionally, by utilizing the lending limits of the other two organizations, First American Bank will be able to handle larger loans "in house" as the total lending limits will almost triple.
Q. When will the sale take place?
The sale took place on October 28, 2019. The sale of the Bank will have minimal impact on our customers; the only immediate change of any significance is that the shareholders owning the stock of the company has changed.
Q. How will my First American Bank account(s) be affected?
You can continue to bank just as you always have, and count on service from the same expert staff members. Your account numbers will not change, and your First American Bank checks and debit cards will continue to work.
Q. Will my account number(s) and bank's routing number change?
At this time, you may continue to use your account number(s) and the bank's routing number.
Q. How do I contact First American Bank or a banker if I have questions?
You can reach First American Bank at 715-381-8330 or 1-877-537-0531 (toll free). 

We encourage you to carefully review the features and requirements of your accounts, making certain they meet your banking needs. Below is the information regarding the conversion of systems and how it might impact you.

  • Thursday, August 20th | Bill Pay is disabled on First American Bank Internet Banking at 4:00 PM

  • Friday, August 21st | First American Bank Internet Banking transfers disabled at 2:00 PM

  • Sunday, August 23rd | First American Bank Internet Banking is disabled and will not be available after 11:59 PM

  • Monday, August 24th | Hiawatha National Bank Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and Bill Pay are enabled at 


There are steps you can take prior to August 24, 2020 that will help ensure a smooth conversion.  
Please be aware that your account history and bill payment information will not carry over into Hiawatha National Bank Internet Banking system.  Detailed instructions for each of these steps can be found below.  
If you are a(n):
  • Electronic Statement Recipient | Print or save previous statements for reference
  • First American Bank Bill Pay user | Print your payees for easy access to them when setting up Hiawatha National Bank Internet Banking
  • First American Bank Internet Banking user with recurring transfers | Print or save recurring transfers so they can be set up again in Hiawatha National Bank's Internet Banking



1. Will the hours of operation change?
The Hudson office will remain the same 
Lobby Hours: 
8:30 AM to 5:00 PM - Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri

Drive Up Hours:
8:00 AM to 6:00 PM - Mon

8:00 AM to 5:30 PM - Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri



2. Will there be changes to my account? 
There may be some changes to the terms and conditions of your account. First American Bank's accounts were carefully reviewed and matched to the Hiawatha National Bank accounts they most closely resembled. Please read the product section included in this guide to learn more about the products that have changed. 
3. Will the bank's routing number change?
The routing number currently being used for your direct deposits and automatic payments will continue to work. You do not need to do anything unless you are renewing or making changes to any of your automatic deposits or withdrawals. if you will be making changes to your automatic deposits or withdrawals after August 22, 2020, please update the routing number to 091809362.
4. Will my deposit account numbers remain the same:
Yes, your account numbers will remain the same. 
5. Will my transactions process as they do today?
Deposits made on processing days before the close of business will process on the same business day.  The cutoff time at Hiawatha National Bank is 4:00 PM so internal transactions requested via Internet Banking before 4:00 PM will process on the same business day.  The same holds true for Remote Deposit Capture Transactions.
6. Will I need to replace my current checks?
You may continue to use your existing checks. As you place new orders for checks, you will notice the checks you receive will be updated with the Hiawatha national Bank routing number, 091809362.

7. Can I continue to use my current savings and deposit and withdrawal tickets?
Yes, you may continue to use your existing savings and withdrawal tickets. As you place new orders for these tickets, you will notice the slips will be updated with Hiawatha national Bank's information.
8. How will transactions post to my checking and savings accounts?
Credits post before debits. Checks are processed in order from smallest check number to largest: other transactions are posted in order of smallest amount to largest.
9. Is interest calculated the same for interest-bearing checking, money market and statement savings accounts at Hiawatha national Bank?
Yes, Hiawatha national Bank accrues interest daily based on your average daily balance and credits interest monthly or quarterly depending on the account type. 
10. When will I receive my next statement? 
All First American Bank clients will receive on final statement before the systems are merged - the statement will cut on Friday, August 21, 2020. If your account would be assessed a service charge for that statement cycle, the charge will be assessed on August 21st. Because of this, service charges will be waived for the first statement cycle following the system conversion.
11. When will I receive statements for my savings account?
you will continue to receive your statement on a quarterly basis. You will receive a monthly statement if your savings account is on a combined statement with your checking account, or if there is electronic transaction activity on the account.
12. Will I continue to receive my checking account statement at approximately the same time each month? 
This may change based on the type of account you have. Please refer to the "Deposit Account Information" guide included in the mailing you received to learn about when you will receive your statement.
13. Will I continue to receive eStatements?
No, due to the contents of the federal eSign Act you will need to re-enroll in eStatements. It is simple to enroll - just a few clicks and you will be able to view your statement online.
14. Will I continue to receive check images?
Yes, if you currently receive check images in your statements, that service will continue.
15. What do I need to do to ensure that my direct deposit and automatic payments continue?
Your direct deposits and automatic payments will continue. Your routing number will continue to work, and we will send notices letting payers/payees know when the routing number will change. You do not need to do anything unless you are renewing or making changes to any of your automatic deposits or withdrawals. If you will be making changes to your automatic deposits or withdrawals after August 21, 2020, please update the routing number to 091809362.
16. If I have an automatic transfer set up, will it continue to work, and when will it take place if it's a weekend or a holiday?
yes, automatic transfers will continue to work. If an automatic transfer falls on a weekend or holiday, it will take place on the following business day.
17. Will my current overdraft protection still be available at First American Bank?

If you use an overdraft line of credit to cover your overdrafts, your current credit limit will transfer and that service will continue. 



18. How do I renew my Certificate of Deposit (CD) or Individual Retirement Account (IRA)?
If your First American Bank CD or IRA is set to renew automatically, it will continue to do so and will roll over at maturity to a CD or IRA with a similar term. You will also continue to receive a notice prior to maturity. 
19. How often will I receive statements for my CD and IRA accounts? 
You will receive a notice each time a CD matures. You also have the option of viewing your CDs and IRAs in Internet Banking. Each January you will receive your annual Hiawatha National Bank IRA statement for the prior year.
20. Will I continue to receive interest checks/electronic deposits periodically, as I do now? 
Yes, if you are currently receiving your CD interest either by check or electronic deposit, this will continue.
21. Is interest for CDs and IRAs calculated differently at Hiawatha National Bank? 
Interest on  your CD and IRA will continue to be compounded and paid periodically according to the terms and conditions of your account agreement. When you open new CDs and when your existing CDs renew, interest will accrue daily and it will be credited annually and/or at maturity.
22.Will I receive an annual notice regarding my required minimum IRA distribution?
Yes, you will receive an annual mailing regarding your required minimum distribution based on the prior year end's balance in your IRA.
23. Will the Bank continue to submit state tax withholding when I make withdrawals from my CD/IRA?

Hiawatha National Bank does not transmit state tax withholding on behalf of our clients. The process of submitting individual state tax withholding payments is simple!  For more information, please go to the Minnesota Department of Revenue website at or call 800-570-3329, or Wisconsin Department of Revenue website at



24. Will my loan/Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) account number and/or payment method remain the same?
Yes, your account number will remain the same, and if you have HELOC checks, you may continue to use them.
25. Will loan payments post the same date as received? 
Yes, loan payments will be credited on the same date received unless payment is received on a weekend or holiday. Those payments will post on the next business day.
26. Will I need to mail my loan payment to a different address? 
No, loan payments can continue to be mailed to the Hudson office at 2424 Monetary Boulevard, Suite 107, Hudson, WI 54016.
27. Will my personal or business overdraft line of credit accounts remain the same?
Yes, your overdraft line of credit will continue to function as it has in the past.
28.Will I receive my Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) statements at the same time every month?
We have made every effort to keep your cycle dates consistent; however, you may notice some revisions.
29. My loan payment is automatically deducted from my deposit account. Will this continue to occur?

Yes, automatic loan payments will continue to occur.


30. Can I continue to use my First American Bank debit and/or ATM card?
No, you will receive a new Hiawatha National Bank card. New cards will be mailed out the week of August 10th. 
31. When will I be able to use my new Hiawatha debit card?
You can activate your card after 5:00 PM on Friday, August 21st.
32. What should I do if my debit card is lost or stolen? 
You can report a card as lost or stolen by calling (888) 460-8723. Please call (800) 472-3272 for after-hours assistance. 
33. What is the difference between a usage fee and a surcharge fee?
A usage fee is charged in addition to your ATM withdrawal amount when you use an ATM that is not owned or operated by your bank. A surcharge fee is charged to your account when you use an ATM that is not owned or operated by your bank or is outside of and ATM network of which your bank is a member. Hiawatha National Bank does not assess surcharge fees. 
34. Will I still receive an ATM Refund when using my bank debit card? 
Yes, if an ATM changes a usage fee, Hiawatha National Bank will refund the fee for 4 ATM transactions per month at non-HNB ATM's, for transactions at ATM's in the United States. There will be no surcharge fee assessed when using Hiawatha National Bank ATM's.
35. Where are Hiawatha National Bank ATM's located? 
Hiawatha National Bank ATM's are located at the Hager City branch, Maiden Rock branch, and at Nilssens' Super Valu in Glenwood City. As always, any ATM owned by Hiawatha national Bank will be surcharge free. 
36. When I log in on August 24th, will I see my recent transaction history?
No, you will be able to access your current transaction history until 5:00 PM on August 21st. We recommend that you print or download your transaction history using First American Bank's Internet Banking prior to 5:00 PM on Friday, August 21st. 
37. When is the last day I can log in to First American Bank's Internet Banking before conversion?
First American Bank Internet banking will be disabled effective 11:59 PM on August 23rd. 
38. When is the last day I can log in to First American Bank's Internet Banking and make a transfer before conversion? 
First American Bank Internet Banking transfers will be disabled on August 21st at 2:00 PM.
39. When is the last day I can log in to First American Bank's Bill Pay before the conversion? 
First American Bank's Bill Pay will no longer be available after 5:00 PM on Thursday, August 20th. Please note, this will be the last day you can log in to Bill Pay and initiate or schedule a payment until Monday, August 24th.  Bill Payment will not be available between August 21st and August 24th. 

40. I currently use Online Bill Pay. Will my payees transfer to Hiawatha national Bank?
No, your payees will not transfer over during system conversion. 
41. How will my Online Bill Payments be processed during system conversion weekend? 
Online bill payments set for Friday, August 21st will be paid on Friday, August 21st. Bill payments may not be made after August 21st, until you have re-enrolled in Hiawatha National Bank's Internet Banking.
42. I currently use eStatements. Will my prior statements be available?
No, you will be able to access your eStatements on August 21st. If you wish to retain any additional statements, we recommend that you print or download them using First American Bank's Internet Banking prior to 5:00 PM on August 21st. 
You can re-enroll in eStatements via Hiawatha National Bank's Internet Banking on Monday, August 24th. 
43. I currently sue Internet Banking Recurring Transfers.  Will my recurring transactions transfer to Hiawatha National Bank? 
No, if you had set up recurring transfers between accounts in the previous Internet Banking system, you will need to schedule these transfers again in the new system. 
44. If I use Quicken or QuickBooks will my current information still be available after the integration?
In order to retain your information, you will need to download it prior to 5:00 PM on Friday, August 21st. Please see the enclosed Internet Banking document for detailed instructions regarding Quicken and QuickBooks with Hiawatha National Bank's Internet Banking. 
45. When can I enroll in Hiawatha National Bank's Internet Banking and Bill Pay? 
You can enroll in Hiawatha National Bank's Internet Banking and Bill Pay on Monday, August 24th, at
46. Where can I find more information regarding the conversion of Internet Banking?

Please call (715) 381-8330 for further questions regarding Internet Banking and view helpful tips listed below.



47. I have questions regarding my Internet Banking Cash Management access - who should I contact?
We will be in touch with all of our Cash management clients regarding the conversion. If you have questions prior to that time, please contact your banker at (715) 381-8330 with Cash Management questions.
48. If I currently utilize Remote Deposit, who do I contact with questions or technical support needs?

If you are currently utilizing Remote Deposit, your software system will update. You will be able to keep utilizing the same scanner. you will continue to call (715) 381-8330 for questions and technical support.



49. Will my deposits continue to be insured by the FDIC? 
Yes, your deposits accounts will continue to be FDIC insured up to the applicable limits allowed by law. 
50. What is the current amount of FDIC insurance coverage?
The standard deposit insurance amount is $250,00 per depositor, per insured bank, for each ownership category. FDIC insurance covers all deposit accounts, including checking and savings accounts, money market deposit accounts and certificates of deposit.
51. Where can I get more information about FDIC coverage? 

The FDIC has developed a tool called EDIE the Estimator to calculate whether you are within the FDIC coverage limits at amy FDIC-insured bank. This calculator is easy to use and is available at the FDIC website. Before you begin, identify all the deposit accounts that you have. Then just follow the simple steps on EDIE to calculate your coverage.  For additional information regarding FDIC insurance coverage, we encourage you to visit the FDIC website at or call 1-877-ASK-FDIC. 



To view Hiawatha National Bank's Accounts, visit:

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