Internet & Mobile Banking

First American Bank offers convenient, secure and environmentally-friendly options for managing your money.

Benefits of Internet and Mobile Banking:

  • Convenience: Shop, pay bills and request transfers of money from anywhere 24/7
  • Features: Electronic banking can be carried out at any time of the day or night as long as one has access to a PC (or other hand-held device) and Internet connectivity 
  • Time Savings: No need to travel to a brick and mortar bank for conducting banking transactions and other key banking activities
  • Mobile Banking: All the convenience of Internet Banking on your phone! (Instructions below apply to Android Devices, iPhones, iPads, and our FAB App) 

To enroll in Internet Banking and/or Mobile Banking: Click the ENROLL button at the top of this page. 
Please note for security reasons, you will need to enroll in Internet Banking prior to accessing Mobile Banking. 

For banking on the GO click one of the options below to download our mobile apps: 

Have questions? For FAQ's and more information click the links below:

Benefits of E-Statements:

  • Online Statements: Receive statements faster and safer than through regular mail
  • Paper Reduction: Reduce paper clutter and storage
  • Historical Account Access: Access a thorough history of your statements, beginning from the first month you signed up for E-Statements
  • View: Statements appear in easy-to-read PDF format
  • Secure: Only you have access to your private information through your login and password. You can choose for it to be saved to a diskette, CD, or your computer's hard drive for future reference
  • To enroll in E-statements: Please follow the steps below on how to set up and view your statements through Internet banking: to enroll in E-Statements:


  1. Log in to your Internet Banking
  2. Go to Settings 
  3. Select Statement Delivery
  • In the Delivery Type drop down select "E-Statement" for each account you would wish to receive an e-statement 
  • Your email address should already be entered (if you would like the e-statement to go to a different email, please click on the pencil icon)
  • Once you select "E-Statement" in the Delivery Type drop down, you will receive a pop-up screen showing the Federal E-Sign Act disclosure
  • At the top of the Federal E-Sign disclosure click on "click here" to make sure you have the ability to open your future E-Statements. After you have scrolled through the remaining disclosure information, then click the circle next to "I accept"
  • You will receive a "Statement Delivery Updated" pop-up > Click on "Close" to return to your original screen
  • You have now successfully set up your E-Statements

Viewing your E-Statements

  1. Sign into Internet Banking
    Go to Transactions > Select Statements
  2. Choose the desired account and statement cycle that you would like to view from the drop down list, then click on "Get Statement".

Benefits of Bill Payment Service:

  • Security: Many bills are paid electronically which is safer than mailing checks
  • Ease: Our bill pay service is simple to understand and even easier to navigate
  • Time: You control when the payments are scheduled
  • Convenience: No stamps, envelopes, and trips to the post office!
  • Trust: Online bill pay greatly reduces the risk of human error and late payments
  • To enroll:
1. Click on Settings > "Manage Bill Pay" when in Internet Banking
2. Put a check mark next to the accounts you would like to be able to pay Bills from

  • To Pay a Bill follow these few simple steps to make your bill pay transactions: 
1. While logged in to Internet Banking, click “Transactions” > “Bill Pay”
2. Review and accept the Bill Pay agreement.
3. Proceed to the Bill Pay service where you may add payees, schedule payments and sign up for E-Bills!



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