ATTENTION St. Michael Debit Card Users 
Due to recent cases of fraud involving St. Michael debit cards in the state of Florida, all St. Michael debit cards have been frozen so that only PIN-based transactions may be made in the state of Florida. This is being done solely to protect you from fraudulent transactions from the state of Florida.  
If you will be traveling to Florida please notify a personal banker so that your card will work properly. 
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Internet Banking FAQ 
Q) What is the Difference between current and available balance?  
A) Your available balance may take into consideration any transactions presented today while current balance does not.  
Q) Why are some of my account numbers highlighted and marked with an asterisk? 
A) Highlighted account numbers indicate that there is pending transactional activity for the account. You can review these pending transactions by going to Accounts>History.  
Q) Can I nickname the accounts on this page? 
A) Yes, you can change the default display name for any account by navigating to the Preferences>Account Menu and entering your preferred nickname for some or all of your accounts. Then scroll down to "Submit Changes". Your chosen nickname will be used instead of the default name or account number throughout the online banking system. 
Q) How much history displays by default for an account?  Can I change the default amount? 
A) The default amount of history displayed for a selected account is 50 transactions.  This default amount, by number of transactions or number of days of history, can be changed for each account under Preferences>Account. After making desired changes, scroll down and click on "Submit Changes" to immediately change the displayed history for the selected accounts. 
Q) How do I view check and other transaction images?  
A) The magnifying glass icon next to some transactions indicates that there is an image stored for that transaction. Just click on the magnifying glass icon and the image will display in a pop-up window. 
Q)When I click the "Print" from my browser menu, is the printout text so small I can't read it? 
A) Many browsers try to shrink the size of the text to fit the screen.  Try using Print Preview instead so you can change the scaling. 
Q) How is the Online Activity page different from Account History? 
A) The Online Activity page contains all transactions initiated via online banking, but does not include transactions made via other means, like ATM or Debit/Credit card transactions and Bill Pay transactions. This page also shows the status of each online transaction as it moves from a Drafted status to approved, then processed.  
In contrast, the Account>History page is a record of processed and cleared transactions against your account from all sources, not just online banking. Additionally, account history does not include transactions that have been drafted/approved/canceled via online banking, but only those that have already cleared your account the current processing day. 
Q) If I make a future dated transfer, when will the transfer be processed and effective? 
A) If you create a future-dated transfer, the transfer will be processed the morning of the effective transfer date.  
Q) Where can I see my Funds Transfer activity? 
A) Your funds transfer activity is available in your Online Activity under the Accounts>Online Activity menu. Any drafted, approved, canceled or processed funds transfers will be displayed. Each transaction has a unique Tracking ID for easy identification. 
Q) Why do I have to go through so many steps to make a transfer? 
A) Our transfers are done in real time, and are immediately posted to your account. Because of this, we prompt several times during the process to ensure that the transfer is accurate before it is posted. Be sure to approve your transfer after you click Submit. 
Q) Can I modify a recurring transaction? 
A) No, recurring transactions may only be created or canceled. You can also cancel individual occurrences of the transaction under the Accounts>Online Activity menu. 
Q) I set up a recurring transfer to go on the 30th of the month. The 30th was on a Saturday. Why didn't the transfer go through until Monday? 
A) Whenever a transfer is scheduled for a non-business day, our system moves the date forward to the next business day so you are not charged earlier than you had expected, risking a potential overdraft or failed transfer. 
Q) I canceled a recurring transfer on the Online Activity screen last week. Why did the transfer go through again this week? 
A) Canceling a recurring transfer on the Online Activity screen only cancels that particular instance of the transfer, and does not turn off subsequent transfers. To turn off all future recurring transfers, you need to go to the Recurring menu and cancel the transfer there. This will cancel all pending and future transactions.  
Q) Why when I click on Bill Payment, do I receive the error message "Invalid Address Line"? 
A) To avoid this error, click on Preferences/User and examine the two address lines. Remove any character that isn't a number, letter, space or dash (# and / are typically the culprit). 
Q) I logged on to Online Banking for the first time, and tried to enroll in Bill Payment. When I clicked on Bill Payment, I received the error message "An unknown error has occurred".   
A) This problem can be solved by logging off and back on, or by clicking on Preferences/User and then clicking the Submit button without making any changes. 
Q) Why doesn't my statement display? 
A) Please download and install the latest version of Adobe Reader at 
Q) Why is my statement so small? I can barely read it! 
A) You can use the zoom feature in the Adobe tool bar to make the image bigger. IF you still have difficulty reading it, use the Adobe tool bar to save a copy and open it separately in its own window.  
Q) How do I know if I have a message in my mailbox? 
A) You can log on and navigate to your message mailbox, or there is a convenient link on the Accounts>Overview page to let you know when you have a new message. 
Q) Can I see the messages I have sent? 
A) No, to simplify your mailbox we only show the messages you have received. 
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