Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, E-Statements, Bill Payment Service.  We like to think of these as Green Banking.   
First American Bank offers convenient, secure and environmentally-friendly options for managing your money.   
Benefits of Internet and Mobile Banking: 
  • Convenience: Shop, pay bills and request transfers of money from anywhere 24/7
  • Features: Electronic banking can be carried out at any time of the day or night as long as one has access to a PC (or other hand-held device) and Internet connectivity
  • Time Savings: No need to travel to a brick and mortar bank for conducting banking transactions and other key banking activities
  • Mobile Banking: All the convenience of Internet Banking on your phone! (Instructions below apply to Android Devices, iPhones, iPads, and our FAB App)
  • To enroll in Internet Banking: Click the ENROLL button at the top of this page.  For security reasons, you will need to enroll in Internet Banking prior to enrolling in Mobile Banking.   
  • 3 Simple Steps to enrolling in Mobile Banking

  • 1) Log in to Internet Banking. Choose Preferences > Mobile
  • 2) Under the Mobile Enrollment Tab, check "Yes" and enter your email address. Click Submit.  
  • 3) Under the Mobile Authorization tab, choose a Mobile Authorization Code (a 4 digit pin), enter your email address and phone number, click Submit.
    Now experience the benefits of mobile banking and download our FAB app!  When you're in iTunes/the Play Store, look for the logo you see on this page to ensure your downloading the correct app.  
  • Benefits of E-Statements: 
  • Online Statements: Receive statements faster and safer than through regular mail
  • Paper Reduction: Reduce paper clutter and storage
  • Historical Account Access: Access a thorough history of your statements, beginning from the first month you signed up for E-Statements
  • View: Statements appear in easy-to-read PDF format
  • Secure: Only you have access to your private information through your login and password. You can can choose for it to be saved to a diskette, CD, or your computer's hard drive for future reference
  • To enroll: Please follow the steps below to enroll in E-Statements:

  • Log in to your Internet Banking > Choose Preferences > Delivery
  • Click Electronic Statement, type in email address, then scroll to the bottom of the page and check "I agree to the terms of the agreement".
  • Click Submit.
    Benefits of Bill Payment Service: 
  • Security:  Many bills are paid electronically which is safer than mailing checks
  • Ease: Our bill pay service is simple to understand and even easier to navigate
  • Time:  You control when the payments are scheduled
  • Convenience: No stamps, envelopes, and trips to the post office!
  • Trust: Online bill pay greatly reduces the risk of human error and late payments
  • To enroll: Choose Preferences > Bill Pay when in Internet Banking.  
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