CEO's Message

First American differs markedly from most banks. The majority of banks are multi-bank entities with headquarters far removed from their place of business. First American is a locally owned community bank headquartered in Hudson, Wisconsin. The Bank's owner and employees work and live in the community. The Bank’s livelihood is tied directly to the success of the community. At a time when “go local” is sweeping the country, when special days are set aside to shop in locally owned businesses, it is important to note that a strong local bank also helps make a community strong. A strong local bank provides for a safe and secure place to save and invest your funds and it provides loans in the community for a diverse array of credit needs.

Local businesses make a community a better place to live. As opposed to national chains, the earnings from local businesses stay in the community. Their earnings and the wages they pay provide the foundation for the community to prosper. As a small business, First American provides that same foundation of earnings and wages. A bank's business is also to reinvest its deposits into the community. Community banks make loans so small business owners can start a business, or expand, or increase the funds they have available for day-to-day operations. Community banks make home loans and auto loans to individuals. Taking care of our customers and looking out for the best interest of our community is ingrained in the way we conduct business each and every day.

Banking data shows that community banks fund over 60% of all small business loans.  By putting those dollars back into the community they make it a better place to live. When you think about “going local” also think about banking locally. It will help make your community a better place to live.

And, when you bank at First American, you will be more than a number. Your calls will be answered by a knowledgeable banker. You will not have to navigate some annoying automated phone tree. You will receive great personal service and you will receive appropriate advice and counsel. Our bankers have on average over fifteen years of banking experience each. They know the answers to your questions and have the authority to make things happen. And, if there are services that you need that are a bit out of the ordinary, First American can react faster and be more flexible than its huge competitors.

Bank locally at First American Bank and you will note a very favorable difference. We look forward to serving your financial needs.